Learning to build an army  

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well I took some time today and went to my friendly Games Workshop and decided to hang out and watch some more games and ask about 1000 questions. I was finally taught the art of making an army and also learned some of the stuff i bought will not work for a winning army unless a large group of senior ladies decide to play.

My first (created) army.


Chaos Lord with term up grade, mark of Tzeentch, Death Screamer 160 pts.


Chaos Space Marines x7 105 pts

Chaos Space Marines X7 105 pts

Noise Marines X10 with Champion, Power Weapon, Doom Siren, Sonic Blaster, Blast Master, Personal Icon 330 pts


Chaos Terminators x10 Reaper Auto Cannon, Tzeentch Icon 385 pts


Rhino 35 pts

Chaos Vindicator x1 Daemonic Possession 145 pts

Obliterator Cult x3 225 pts

Total Points 1502

Please keep in mind this is my very first army but feel free to help me out.