Bit of a change  

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok first off sorry for the delay in between posts. I created my first army got it all painted and shiney ready to take on the world (or at least my local GW). I was praised at quaility of my painting. I was praised at how good my first army was constructed. I was handed my head on a platter. This came not once not twice but 5 times my multipule foes. So with my tail between my legs and my army in tow I returned to my humble abode.

I decided that a Chaos army is probably a nice jumping off point but not really my cup of tea. Coming from a military background I looked over all my choices and went with (drum roll please) Imperial Guard.

To me the guard seems a bit over whelming at first it has alot of structure that the other armies lack. It has of course awesome ranged attacks I know ither have ranged attacks but where else can you hit a guy 80' away9at my local GW this means you die where you park.

The next post will be of my first IG army list. I can hardly wait.